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Here you will find a list of FAQs that you may like while playing Get Jiggy. These questions are related to both the gameplay experience and any technical issues that may arise. If you need further assistance for a critical issue that stops your gameplay, please reach out to


So what is Get Jiggy anyway?
Get Jiggy is a new spin on jigsaw puzzle building; it’s a fast-paced, exciting way to put together jigsaw puzzles, offering challenges that range from zen score-based gameplay to intense, head-to-head battles.

Get Jiggy is split into three distinct modes: Jiggy Puzzles, VS Battles and Classic Puzzles.

Jiggy Mode

This is the mode that gives Get Jiggy its name! The puzzle will be divided into multiple “chunks.” It’s your job to put the puzzle back together, piece-by-piece, chunk-by-chunk!

You take on puzzles with the help of the Slot Machine— a crazy device that can hand out power-ups and bonuses to enhance your puzzle building prowess.

As you play Jiggy Mode, you’re given a score based on a bunch of different skills: accuracy, move combos, removing dud pieces and more. To learn the best strategies for Getting Jiggy, check out the scorecard after each puzzle. You can tap each entry to learn more in-depth strategies to shoot for the Jiggiest scores!

These are pieces that look like they belong to the puzzle you’re working on, but aren’t quite right… If you spot one of these, drag it to the vacuum chute on the side of your handy Slot Machine!

Here’s a tip: Dud Pieces never go to the puzzle you’re working on. The image on the piece is actually flipped!

No! Take your time and make the right moves.

In fact, you earn extra points for a “B-Line” bonus. This is when you move a piece from its starting position to its correct destination in a straight line. Earning this bonus consistently will require a careful eye and some smart planning!

That said, VS Battles against other opponents are a totally different story! Speed is king when facing off against another player. But more on that later...!

The goal is Getting Jiggy, but what’s that? Each puzzle has stars that can be earned based on your score. Earning a certain amount of stars will around you to spin the Prize Wheel for an awesome prize!

Beyond the star goals is an elusive “Get Jiggy” bonus that is handed out for an exceptionally high pointed round. Keep an eye out for the “thumbs up” meter to see if you’re Jiggy enough for this esteemed accolade!

Special moves award more points in Jiggy and VS Battles. One of the fanciest tricks in the Jiggy playbook is placing a “Far Out” piece: this is when you place a piece that has no direct connections yet. Super Far Out pieces award even more points!

To learn how to place Far Out pieces easily, keep an eye out for the “Outline Spotter” power-up. This power up will draw out the shape of the Puzzle Chunk for you, making it much easier to spot Far Out and Super Far Out pieces.

Another key to high scores is keeping your Combo Meter filled. Each time you make a correct move, your combo meter ticks up which multiples points earned by your current combo. Ride a full combo meter at 5x for as long as you can for a serious point-gain.

Lastly there are the “counting sides” bonuses… When you place a piece that connects to another piece directly, you’ll be awarded a few extra points based on the number of empty sides around your placed piece. While this is a subtle difference, it adds over time!

You can get a detailed breakdown about your Jiggy and VS scores by checking out the scorecard provided to you after each puzzle. Tap each element to learn more tips and tactics!

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VS Battles

These are head-to-head competitions between you and another player. The rules of Jiggy Mode still apply, but speed becomes a much bigger factor. Players are awarded bonus points for placing pieces faster than your opponent, so look sharp! You can compete against friends, or challenge players from around the world for coveted Trophies.

Battling players from all over the world is the premiere choice for a true Jiggy competitor. You’ll be matched up against a random opponent for a live battle!

Here’s a tip: if you own a Puzzle Pack from a specific category, you can search for opponents with that category as a preferred result. This is the best way to make your way up a daily Featured Leaderboard!

If you win a VS Battle, you’ll be awarded Trophies. These ensure your spot on the Trophy Leaderboards. You can head to the Leaderboard to see who has collected the most trophies, and sort by different time slices and category settings. Each day, there will be a new “Featured Leaderboard” to shine a spot-light on the world’s top players!

Speed is definitely important-- you don’t want to be totally left in the dust-- but being quick means nothing if you’re not precise with your piece placement. Size up your opponent and adapt to the best tactic: if they’re fast but sloppy, focus on maximizing each move… if they’re puzzling out the best moves but moving like a snail, try to dance around them with speed!

Each time your opponent places a piece, a ghostly outline of that piece will be shown. Use this to your advantage and maybe a snag a few Far Out pieces ahead of them!

Each player is given 15 seconds to spin the Slot Machine where you can win huge advantages. What you earn through the slot machine can make a pretty big difference against your competitor.

You’ll need Spinner Tokens to use the Slot Machine, but don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to earn these tokens. Missions award plenty of Tokens for completing various skill-based tasks. Not to mention, the Token Wheel hands out a free bundle every day, so make sure to freshen up your supplies before departing into battle!

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Classic Mode

These are the traditional jigsaw puzzles we all know and love! Classic Mode lets you play your puzzle collection the old fashioned way as well. This mode offers much larger puzzle sizes as well, for the most hardcore jigsaw puzzlers out there.

Of course! Like Jiggy Mode, you earn stars for completing new puzzles. The larger the puzzle, the more stars you earn. Stars from Classic Mode also contribute to your Prize Wheel, so if you’re starving for a few extra stars, don’t forget to give Classic Mode a try.

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You will need to free up some storage on your device in order to continue patching the game. If this happens make sure to close the game and restart it after you have cleared up some space.

If you have lost connection during patching, you will need to make sure that you have a stable WIFI or mobile data connection. You can check your WIFI by going into your settings to ensure you are connected to the internet.

Your connection may be unstable, and you may not be able to connect to the internet. Please try using a WIFI connection if available to continue patching the game.

We advise using WIFI as the game requires a stable connection and it may take longer to download the patches on your cell phone providers data plan.

Yes you can play Get Jiggy without being connected to the internet. However, remember that you need to be online and logged in to save your progress securely.

Using the Facebook login, you can login to different devices to play Get Jiggy and save your progress.

Go to the Options menu and tap on the Help button. From here, you can submit a ticket, review previous tickets, or open multiple tickets. There will be a short delay before a new ticket appears here.

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Contact Support

The fastest way to get help with Get Jiggy is to open a ticket in the mobile app. Go to the Options menu and tap on the Help button. From here, you can submit a ticket, review previous tickets, or open another ticket. There will be a short delay before a new ticket appears.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding game or account matters, please send an email to:

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