I Challenge Thee To a Puzzle Battle!

What's better than a relaxing evening at home with a puzzle? Kicking your friend's butt at a puzzle - that's what! Get Jiggy VS Battles are...

♦ FUN!

Challenge yourself and rise to the top of the puzzle leaderboards. Can you Get Jiggy?

Try Your Luck and Spin for Amazing Puzzle Boosts!

Get Jiggy combines the high excitement of slot machines with the skill of building jigsaw puzzles. Use tokens to try your luck at the slot machine to get amazing hints and boosts in order to beat your puzzle opponent.

Get Jiggy Game Features!

  • Challenge your friends in fast paced, live action puzzle battles
  • Build puzzles quickly in smaller chunks instead of all at once
  • Spin the slot machine for a chance at powerful puzzle boosts
  • Rise to the top of the player leaderboards
  • Thousands of beautiful jigsaw puzzles to choose from
  • Taunt your friends during challenges with funny social emotes
  • Create puzzles from your own favorite pictures